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Souzou Maker



My name is Eammon Littler and I'm a college student interested in the field of physics, engineering, robotics, and programming. 想像 (souzou) is the Japanese word for imagining, which I find myself constantly doing, and I believe myself to be a maker which is why this blog is called Souzou maker. My projects are available for anyone to replicate and the files will always be open-sourced and available on my thingiverse page. I try my best to make my projects as simple as possible, but always end up using too much super-glue...


I recently decided to try out Amazon affiliate links to help fund this website and my projects. By clicking the link below and shopping on amazon, like you normally would, I will get a little kickback from every purchase you make at no extra cost to you. Please think about supporting me so I can bring you more interesting projects. My current goal is to break even on running this website.